Monday, 10 October 2011

TARDIS cake!

My friends and I are big fans of Doctor Who. So, for my friend Ruaridh's 21st birthday I decided to make a TARDIS cake! After the trauma of the 3D Dinosaur cake, I decided to stay away from a 3D TARDIS in fear of it collapsing, and chose to do one that was half materialized through the time vortex (aka lying down on a board).
To get the shape I baked the cake in a one pound loaf tin, meaning I had to do minimal carving to achieve the TARDIS shape. I chose to use Madeira cake just for something a little different, and the recipe I used can be found here.

I used ready rolled pacific blue fondant and an edible ink pen to decorate the cake. For the windows and the sign I cheated by using some Milkybar White chocolate, because I didn't want to spend £2 to use a tiny amount.
 It helped when making the cake to have reference, and that I had in the form of a toy TARDIS, and the 10th Doctor popped along to help...


  1. This is brilliant! I love how you do some really random cake designs!! :)

  2. Agreed with Emmyw, great idea! This cake would be great for all ages :)