Wednesday, 6 April 2011

3D Dino Cake - Round Two!

The morning after the disastrous attempt before, I had another go. I used a different template on this occasion, which can be found here! The template provided is for 9 inch cake tins, but I only had one. Not trusting my sponge enough to rise enough to be cut in two and limited time, I decided to do one 9 inch and the other an 8 inch, just meaning I had to trim my template down a little.

For the sponge, I used Mary Berry's Victoria Sponge recipe which can be found here! The sponge was a lot easier to carve, and was also much sturdier than the Red Velvet. One downfall of the 3D cake template was at some points it is a little vague, especially when it comes down to the dinosaur's legs so I had to freestyle it a litte. Here he is after his crumb coat of icing.
It was a very sloppy crumb coat, as I had ran out of butter and was in a rush to get to the birthday boy's lunch! After a well-needed break away from the dinosaur (I would say we had a love-hate relationship!) I bought some more butter and cracked on after lunch.

The instructions suggested piping stars all over the dinosaur's body, but to be honest I was running out of patience and again, butter! So I decided just to pipe the stars down his spine and tail, and just do another coat of icing with a palette knife over the rest. I then decorated his spine with a mix of chocolate drops and milk and white chocolate buttons. (I always seem to make dinosaurs spotty!)

I also fashioned him some teeth out of a chopped up white button,  along with eyes out of chocolate drops. (Apologies for the shoddy icing job on his neck!)
Overall, I was really proud of what I was able to do. It might not have been what I imagined, but it was certainly dinosaur-looking! Unfortunately, 3D dino had to meet his end in quite a gruesome way...

Until next time!

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  1. haha that's so so cool! :) and very original xx

    Also, I'm having a giveaway for a makeup palette over at my blog, you might wanna check it out :)? Love Hannah xxx

  2. Omg that is SO cool! I have never attempted a 3D cake before! Are the pieces of the dinosaur attached with butter icing? Or is it something else?

    Ever considered becoming a sculpter? lol

    I've just started a blog too its,

    I'd love to hear your suggestions and opinions on my cakes! It is a very new blog but I'd lvoe to get a little community going on here :)

    Following you now :D

  3. Hey! The pieces are all attached with butter icing, and also some helpful matchmaker sticks (mainly to make sure his head didn't topple off!)

    Haha, I don't think so! I followed a template for this, would never be able to wing it on my own. Thanks for the follow - off to check out your blog now :)