Wednesday, 23 March 2011

3D Dino-disaster.

I am going to share my shame.

After googling '3D Dinosaur cakes' it turned out that there wasn't many structures to choose from, and I wasn't prepared to totally freestyle it. A friend came to my aid, and gave me a recipe that she had used. So, the day before the party I gave it a whirl.
 I decided to use Red Velvet cake which was most likely my downfall. Red Velvet is crumbly and for cake to support it's own weight it has to be pretty sturdy. The recipe had called for 'Matchmakers' to hold the neck, but I ended up jamming them in all directions to try and keep the monstrousity upright. Then I decided to ice it while it was still collapsing in all directions.
 I am sad to say the Matchmaker holding up his head later impaled him through his skull, which I failed to take a photo of. He didn't go to waste though - he was taken to the birthday party with his less disaster prone brother. Plus, the Matchmakers infused the sponge and icing with a slight mint tang that was quite nice.

Next time - the real dinosaur cake!

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  1. I felt the need to comment and redeem you a little. He was a genuine disaster, and there can be no sadder sight than seeing a dinosaur cake inpaled on a matchmaker, but, his redeemig feature was that he was bloody delicious.