Saturday, 23 June 2012


I'm sorry guys, I don't really have an excuse for not posting here! I was quite busy with Uni until April and then I just didn't really seem to bake that much. But I'm back now! I graduated on Tuesday and was inspired to make some graduation themed cupcakes. We don't wear mortar boards at our graduation ceremonies, so that went out the door for a cake topper, so I decided to make little degrees out of fondant and strawberry laces.

Super easy to do and I think they look pretty cute! You just roll out some fondant quite thin, cut it into a rectangular shape and then roll up before tying some strawberry lace around. Ta-da! As I said, super easy. 

The cake recipe is from The Hummingbird Bakery Recipe book and is just their basic chocolate cupcake recipe. However, I've noticed in my copy they list butter in the ingredients but don't actually tell you when to put it in? Very strange! This does though, so there you go!
 I made these in a muffin pan because I wasn't sure who was going to be at movie night, so they are pretty huge. Someone rightly pointed out that they're not quite a muffin or a cupcake but oh well!

Here's a photo of Faye (who now has a new blog called Dinosaur Circus which you should definitely check out!) and I from the big day, sadly we were given inedible degrees!

It's my grad ball tonight, so I'm off to get ready for that. I promise not to leave it so long between blog posts this time, see you soon!


  1. Congratulations on graduating! Your cakes look lovely :) I can't wait for my graduation later this month! I hadn't considered baking for it but that seems like an excellent idea now!!! Have you got plans now you're free?!

    1. Thank-you :) I'm actually going to move from Dundee (sob) to Stirling to start my Masters! Feel a bit mad to be going back to uni, but it's only one year compared to four.

      Hope your graduation goes well, it really is a lovely day once you've done the walk across the stage and the nerves go away! :)