Friday, 27 July 2012


So, I had a complete mind blank and forgot to take ANY photos of making my birthday cake or even of when it was completed. I kinda wish it was feasible to invite photographers to house parties to capture moments as I often forget where I've left my camera and the photos I did take are pretty dire...

So, here is a photo I have shamelessly stolen off Faye! (Who has such a cute blog that you should check out called Dinosaur Circus.)

The cake was marble, sandwiched together with vanilla frosting and then just plain old fondant to cover it all. I'm still pretty hit and miss with my fondant technique, but thank goodness for ribbon as it hides all sins! For decoration I dyed some fondant blue with Sugarflair food gel and cut it out with a star cutter I had lying around. Simple but effective! It was said that it looked a little bit like a Christening cake for a boy, so there's an idea for you all if you're stuck.

I am being a terrible cake blogger at the moment for which I can only apologise. I'm leaving Dundee two weeks today (sob) to move into a new flat in Stirling before starting a postgraduate course in Publishing, so I think it'll take a little while for me to get settled (plus find a new photo spot! Goodbye beloved window sill with your lovely natural light and also goodbye to you giant kitchen...)

However, I do have a few cakes that I haven't blogged about yet, so I'll get those posted soon. Until next time!


  1. That cake is really cute :)
    Katie |

  2. Aww your cake is lovely! Hope you had a great birthday :) Thanks for the blog comment too, can't believe you caught your boyfriends neighbours hitting your car! They must have been mortified xx