Thursday, 22 July 2010

Birthday haul!

I was truly spoiled by my friends and family on my birthday and I received many lovely gifts - many which were baking related! So hopefully you'll begin to see some of my new belongings appear in use in posts!

I received this lovely cupcake stand from my brother and his fiance. I can't wait to make some cupcakes and display them.

I also received some animal cutters from them, though I keep mistaking the snail for a whale!

My other brother gave me a lovely cake book called "All Cakes Considered" which is proving to be a good read.

He also gave me these lovely sillicone tea cup cake holders that come with saucers. We are hosting German visitors at the moment and where I showed them the cases they were delighted at the novelty so I'm sure they'll be making an appearance soon.

Another cake book I was given is called "Eat Me", I've had a good browse and I'm sure their recipes will be making an appearance here soon.

My friend also gave me a couple of springform pans that'll come in handy when I'm baking all this cake! Have you recieved/treated yourself to any bakewear lately?


  1. Oh wow, what lovely gifts! The cupcake stand is very pretty, and I like the idea of the tea moulds - you could host your own afternoon tea party using them. I haven't bought/received anything recently, but I did post a wishlist of things on my blog yesterday. Baking is such an expensive hobby, I have til October to wait til my birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday for friday! I love the cake stand and I too got the 'All Cakes Considered' book for my birthday back in March. I think the Peppermint and Chocolate marble cake (pg 93) appeals the most to me at the moment.