Monday, 5 July 2010

I actually made a lion cake!

I went up to Dundee for a couple of days to stay with some friends and we ended up looking round TK Maxx where I found a small lion tin. I couldn't resist! Once I returned home, I invited my friend Steph over and we set about making it.

The pan came with a recipe so I decided to use theirs which was a big mistake. It started overflowing in the oven and when we cut it apart it was filled with nothing but air! Disappointment galore.

I went back to the recipe I always use and it worked fine. Lesson learnt! The lion had a some difficulty getting out the pan so we had to do a little reconstructive surgery to save it. We then frosted it with chocolate and plain frosting.

Here is the finished result. I think it looks adorable!

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