Sunday, 30 May 2010

Apple Flan.

Did a quick apple flan for dessert after Sunday dinner. Cheated (I hope this doesn't turn into a regular occurence!) by buying a sponge flan case from the supermarket. I used Granny Smith apples as they're pretty good for pie fillings/toppings. First of all I peeled and chopped them into slices. I also managed to slice my finger because I tried to change the method of how I core apples, so I think I'll stay with my usual method to keep my blood.

Unable to locate a recipe, I just made up the next bit. I melted some butter along with caster sugar in a pan until it began to bubble before adding some cinnamon.

I then tipped in the sliced apples and allowed them to soften whilst stirring occassionally.

I then drained them, allowed them to cool before placing the slices around the flan base.

I then put the flan in the oven for about ten minutes at about 160 degrees. Afterwards I drizzled some of the cinnamon liquid that I had drained earlier oven the flan, before serving with vanilla clotted cream ice cream.

My family thought it was yum and so did I. Tomorrow my brother wants banana bread, so that'll probably appear up here at some point.

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