Saturday, 29 May 2010

Apple Pie.

Have you ever seen the show "Pushing Daisies?" The main guy's job is a pie maker and after watching about six episodes it was safe to say we all had pretty bad pie cravings. I decided on apple pie and followed the recipe from "The Hummingbird Bakery" cookbook which I received from Christmas. I did cheat a little however, it was my first time with pastry dough and I was terrified of mucking it up, so I went and bought the base of the pie. My logic was that if I completely messed up the top then I would have some sort of open apple pie.

The first order of business was the dough, the book told me to bang it all in my handy mixer. Except at this point at time I didn't have one. So it was good old elbow grease. The recipe said no more than 2 tablespoons of water but I had to whack in 5 to get anything dough like. I squidged it all into a ball, wrapped it in clingfilm and let it rest an hour. Onto the apples, I used granny smiths. No apple corer handy I had to try and dissect it by hand which was interesting. After peeling and slicing many apples, I melted butter along with sugar and cinnamon and boiled the apples for a couple of minutes. It smelled pretty dang good! I spooned them out onto a tray to cool.

I floured a surface and rolled out my dough. It rolled out pretty smooth and I was very pleased. I cut it to size and then filled my pre-bought base with the cooled apples, before pressing down the top. My flatmate then made some leaves to place on top of the pie and I then washed over the whole thing with milk and egg.

After going into the oven for an hour it came out like this:

I served it with vanilla ice cream and we settled down to watch Avatar. It was pretty dang good if I say so myself. I think I'll try making it again, entirely from scratch.

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