Saturday, 29 May 2010


Hello to whoever you may be. I'm Laura, a 19 year old University student studying English who has a great interest in baking.

From January, me and my friends had taken part in something called "Movie Monday". It's all the name really, Monday's are rubbish so we brighten them up by watching a couple of movies. This began my ongoing battle with our oven and brownies.

Our oven is rubbish, it only cooks things on one side. It's broken at the moment. I had to grill cake the other day, and that was extremely interesting - but I'll get back to that later. For our first "Movie Monday" we had "Dinosaur Monday" where we watched movies with Dinosaurs in them, basically. We decided to make brownies and then to cut the pan into some sort of dinosaur shape. The brownies took forever to cook and then refused to come out of the pan. They tasted alright though!

"Movie Monday" continued like this for a couple of weeks until the infamous "Melty Monday". I decided to make White Chocolate Brownies, or Blondies, followed the recipe to the letter banged them in the oven for an hour and a half, inserted a skewer and it came out clean. I took them out the oven and brought them through to the living room to cut. I sliced in, the top was perfectly cooked but underneath it was still in a liquidy form. Us, being impatient, decided to eat them anymore and spooned it out into bowls. It was so good.

Over numerous movie nights we've had a variety of food such as Apple Crumble, Pecan Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, Apple and Cinnamon Cake, more Brownies, Fairy Cakes, Marble Cake, Red Velvet Cake and a lot of Banana Bread.

I've decided to keep this blog as a record of what I bake and I hope to take more photos of what I cook and to see if I improve any!

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