Sunday, 30 May 2010

My 20th ideas.

I've decided that after making Faye's cake I'm gonna try and make my own. The theme of my 20th is going to be the letter "L", so as I'm going as a lion I thought I'd try making a lion cake, something like this.

Haha, only kidding! I think that's slightly beyond me just yet. Probably something more like this:

You should googleimage "Lion cake". Some of them are pretty damn funny! Anyway, so I think I'm going off the lion cake at the moment and might try and brave the design that I had for my 18th. The bottom layer was vanilla sponge and the top layer was chocolate.

I quite like the design of two parcels on top of each other. It will definately test my ability with fondant icing. Perhaps I'll need to do a couple of test runs...

Edit: Haha, just found this. Next Dinosaur Monday perhaps?

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