Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Presents!

I hope Santa treated you all well. I must've been good as I received a lovely new camera, a couple of recipe books, and these adorable Christmas tree decorations.
A cute Snowman!
Father Christmas!
 And here are some of the books I received this Christmas which will come in handy for my baking!

 I think "Kitchen" will encourage me to cook proper food as well, instead of just cake all the time! Did Santa bring you anything nice this Christmas?


  1. I love the decorations! My mum bought me the Baking Bible too for my birthday, lots of lovely recipes. I can't wait to see some of your creations from Nigella's, it's nice to cook something savoury once in awhile. Enjoy!

  2. those decorations are really pretty. i got some really nice stuff for christmas: my mum got me a george foreman type grill, which iv used to make really tasty home-made cheeseburgers on. my dad got me a big-top cupcake mould (to make giant cupcakes with), a ninjabread men cutter set and some sillicone cupcake cases, among other little bits and bobs and used some of my christmas money to treat myself to a book called "eat me!" which is a very pretty pink book with cupcakes and cookie recipes by cookiegirl and an ultimate student cookbook by tiffany goodall as i also need to stop just making cakes and sweet things, which i mistakenly ordered 2 of so gonna donate other one to my sister and her boyfriend. just eying up a few others but not sure which at the moment.

  3. Sounds like you got some lovely gifts! I really like the book "Eat Me!" but I've only got round to making one recipe out of it, I really like her seasonal ones. Perhaps this year I'll get to try out a few!