Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Tree Biscuits

I think I originally saw this idea on the Lakeland website. The idea is that using varying sizes of star cutters, you layer them up, ice them, and they will resemble a Christmas tree! Now, being a poor student, I tried ebay for a cheaper alternative, and got a set of 6 star cutters for around £3. Here's a set on Amazon that are similiar to the ones I used - Star cookie cutters.
 For the biscuit, I used the same recipe I used in the dinosaur biscuit post. Then I began to cut the stars for my biscuits. Now, I'd decided to give each of my friends one for Christmas, so I had to make 8. 8 Christmas trees at 11 biscuits each equals a lot of biscuits to bake and ice! So I reduced my Christmas trees down to 7 biscuits, and hoped that they still retained the tree look, rather than a bush.

I have to admit, I iced these rather sloppily as it was 11pm and I was ready for my bed! Of course, this did not affect the taste and my friends didn't seem to mind either.

I also forgot to take any photos until I'd bagged them - so I'm afraid we'll have to make do with the bagged product, but I think you can still see the gist of the idea.
So, there's the first of my Christmas baking! Now, it's off to the wonderland of revision...

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  1. They look lovely! And a really good idea to give them as gifts as well :) x