Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Treats!

Unfortunately, I'm at the beginning of the exam revision period. My days are about to be filled with hours of revision, all leading up to the scary three hour exam on the 17th. Yes, the 17th December. How cruel! Luckily, I've got an early Christmas to look forward to with friends coming up. Another thing keeping me in the Christmas spirit (despite all this snow!) are these blogs.

The Pink Whisk is run by Ruth Clements, one of the finalist's from the BBC2 series "The Great British Bake Off". Ruth is currently doing the "12 Days of Christmas", blogging about a different festive treat all the way until December 12th. I'm wanting to try out her version of Lebkuchen, the German gingerbead. I usually buy some from one of those budget German supermarkets but this year I will definitely try out hers!

"The Pink Whisk's" Lebkuchen!
Another blogger who is getting me into the Christmas spirit is Debbie over at Dulwich Munchies. Debbie is doing a sort of advent calender, with a treat or craft, accompanied by a song, for each day. Her Cinnamon Candy Canes especially look delicious! 

Debbie's "Cinnamon Candy Canes"
The ever wonderful Bakerella has some wonderful Christmas treats over at her blog. I love these cute Polar Bears in their snowglobes! If I could get my hands on some of those bottles I would make these in a heartbeat. 
"Bakerella's" Polar Bear Cupcakes
I hope this small selection of blogs gets you in the Christmas mood for baking! If you're making any Christmas treats, be sure to let me know! I will try my best to try and get a recipe up for you on Tuesday, but I'm afraid this is dependent on the trains getting me back up to Dundee.

Have a nice weekend, and be sure to take care on the icy pavements and roads!

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